Yahoo Hacked in Massive Security Breach stealing from one Billion people

Security Update


YAHOO has admitted that hackers breached its system to steal data from one billion user accounts in a massive cyber attack that was unreported for more than three years.

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In the past few months, Yahoo has owned up to being hit by the two of the biggest data breaches in history.

In September 2016, it announced it had been hit by what was then declared the world’s biggest hack — now it has revealed a new attack that involves twice as many people and sets a new record.

The news could not have come at a worst time for Yahoo, which is in the middle of securing a huge buyout deal.

Yahoo today has reported a experts analysing Yahoo’s records in the lead up to the buyout by Verizon had identified the mammoth attack which occurred in August 2013.

The hack reported today is separate to another hack reported in September which targeted 500 million Yahoo in 2014.


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