Microsoft Windows 10 Creators upgrade but be careful ………….

W10 Creators Edition



Microsoft forcing this upgrade despite users clicking no !

Rockingham IT Solutions are seeing many systems Windows 10 upgrades being presented for repair for several weeks now, but we can see after the 11th April a huge spike in problems with Creators Edition.


For most the upgrade may work but for many it will causing a massive headache and downtime in lost hours, which in turn means lost revenue especially for small businesses.

What you need to do is ring us up now and get our service tech out to you to firstly check over your system and make sure that there is a backup system in place just incase the upgrade goes wrong.

Also when the upgrade has gone through, check all your settings and installed programs and check they are all functioning properly. If not then Call us on 0861022919 and we will get one of our service techs on to your problem.

Remember, “We Are Your Fourth Emergency Service.”

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