WannaCrypt Ransomware Attack and how to protect yourself

You may be aware of the ‘WannaCrypt’ ransomware hack that propagated out May 2017 that hit Windows operating systems on over 200,000 computers across 150 countries, including dozens of large companies and institutions such as the UK’s National Health Service and France’s Renault factories. There’s an expectation that another wave of attacks will happen this week around the rest of the World.

WannaCrypt targets older versions of Windows such as XP, Vista, Windows 8 and Server 2003, which no longer have mainstream support from Microsoft. WannaCrypt can reportedly be spread over local systems without user interaction, it encrypts the files on the computer making them inaccessible. Once infected there’s no fix, you can’t unlock the files, the choices are to pay the ransom in bitcoins (not recommended), do a full reinstall of all your files; or wait until a solution is developed to remove the infection. Rockingham IT Solutions customers probably can’t afford to wait, business must go on!

The first line of defence is good virus protection. However, virus protection solutions can be breached, so if you receive an email containing a file attachment or URL you aren’t sure about, DON’T OPEN IT! The secondary line of defence is a good backup solution that stores the backup on another system in an offsite location – having a backup on another drive on the same machine isn’t a good idea, a ransomware attack will also encrypt the backup. Another risk is that if for any reason the computer is badly damaged or destroyed you will lose both the original data and backup!

WannaCrypt RansomWare

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A small number of Rockingham IT Solutions customers have suffered ransomware attacks in the past, for this reason we addressed the ransomware risk in past newsletters. Given the escalating number of ransomware attacks we now ask you our customers to check if you have an effective backup solution in place, or if you are unsure PLEASE CALL US.

As we are IT consultant we will typically be the first port of call if a customer suffers a ransomware attack, plus if our customer has to do a full reinstall it’s best that our techs reinstall from backups that we know how they are backed up.

Rockingham IT Solutions can offer an online 3rd party backup service, for details please contact our helpful Techs on 08 6102 2919 during Office Hours.


Jon Ellis

Director / COO

Rockingham IT Solutions

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