Testing and Tagging Service.

Test and Tag service available from Rockingham I.T. SolutionsRockingham IT Solutions are qualified to carry out inspecting and testing of electrical equipment for safety. This is done to AS/NZS 3760 “In-service inpection and testing of electrical equipment”.

The aim of the test is to detect faults which are not observable in normal visual inspections and it will determine if any appliance is electrically safe for use.

The ‘test-and tag’ process involves:

A visual inspection: A visual inspection of the equipment, especially the leads. Cords are checked that they are well anchored, connections made solidly and no damage to the insulation along the whole length of the cables.

An electrical test: The appliance is the tested with a PAT ( Portable Appliance Tester ) Tester to test for any unseen electrical faults. These tests include: insulation resistance, earth continuity, polarity test and an earth leakage test.
Tagging: A coloured safety tag is placed on the equipment verifying it is electrically safe for use.

Logging: A record is made of the test and a report is provided of all the test results.

Why do I need to Test and Tag ?

Fatal accidents at work have resulted from faulty equipment which has become electrically live simply due to wear and tear.

As an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure that your employees and visitors are safe from injury. Both Occupational Health and Safety regulations and Worksafe recommend that all electrical appliances should be inspected at the recommended intervals and tested, tagged in accordance with Australian Standards AS3760.

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