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Internet Services

Business Internet Systems

With the internet only ever-increasing its role in business communications, having a fast and reliable internet connection has become more important than ever. Plus we have witnessed the need for more & more businesses needing to send large files and consuming more data than ever before.

But with so many reporting that its an absolute nightmare during the changeover they shy away from it and stay as they are because they cant afford any downtime……

So Rockingham IT Solutions can help you determine the best internet solution for your business, ultimately one that offers you the fastest internet connection available, at the most competitive price. Those solutions include:

ADSL internet for small and medium businesses ADSL
ADSL is one of the most popular internet connections for small and medium businesses, as it is renowned for its reliability. ADSL minimises drop out rates and ensures greater efficiency across your business, allowing you to make calls and use data simultaneously.
Ethernet Internet for Small & Medium Businesses Ethernet (EFM)
This is a reliable mid-range broadband alternative, that combines super reliable performance with fantastic value. Ethernet allows you to always access an internet connection even if there is an issue with one access line, so it is considered more reliable than other ADSL services.
Fibre is a premium, high performance solution that delivers super fast data connectivity which is ideal for medium to large businesses that require unlimited bandwidth capabilities Fiber
This is a premium, high performance solution that delivers super fast data connectivity which is ideal for medium to large businesses that require unlimited bandwidth capabilities. Fiber technology for businesses will also help to deliver high-speed data connectivity to any shared office space.
National Broadband Network (NBN) for your business NBN
The current plan is to roll out NBN region-by-region to 93% of Australian premises (with the remaining 7% being connected via fixed wireless and satellite technologies). Contact us and we can check if/when the nbn™ will rollout in your area and ATS Telecoms can help you install and set this up for you.
Business Internet Plans
We have a range of business internet plans available and can be your ‘one stop shop’ by providing you with NBN packages (including a free wifi modem and attached VOIP phone) or multiple VOIP phones, just call us.

If you would like to access one of our internet services or like to find out more, please contact us on (08) 6102 2919 or email us

VOIP Solutions

Which office phone system is right for my business?

With so many options to choose from these days from IP, to hybrid, to hosted phone systems, many business owners are confused about what phone system would best suit them. However, because of the overlap in technology between all the different options, this question isn’t as straight-forward as one would hope for.

For example, we have customers that want VOIP and especially if they have multiple sites, the phones can all be linked with extension numbers to make your micro business stand out rather than list loads of mobile numbers. However, we have some business owners that want to keep their traditional phone lines but still have all the features on offer (call waiting, conference calling, music on hold and call forwarding to mobiles) . Whereas others rarely embrace IP technology and wish to roll out multiple fixed lines into businesses that cost the earth.

So to help guide you through this decision, why not get a quick quote from our friendly team and they can explain the different options and what the real life implications are for your business.

NBN Phone Systems

With the introduction of the National Broadband Network (NBN) into Australia, you may have wondered if your business needs to invest in NBN phone systems. You will be happy to know that NBN phone systems are in fact the same as a VOIP phone system, so if you upgraded to a VOIP phone system recently, you won’t need to do a thing! But for those of you that have not yet upgraded to a VOIP phone system or thinking of investing in NBN phone systems, we can help.

VOIP Phone System

In relatively recent times, a new technology known as Voice over IP (VOIP) has been introduced and is progressively becoming an important part of telecommunications. Using this new technology, regular voice calls are sent over a computer network as opposed to the previous use of traditional phone lines. The primary reason that a VOIP phone system (also known as Internet telephony) has become extremely popular and enticing it because it allows for extremely cheap long-distance and international calls so businesses with a VoIP phone system have the capabilities to provide significant cost savings and other benefits.

For any advice or help to order the best VOIP phone system for your business, please contact the Rockingham IT Solutions Team.


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Rockingham IT Solutions Guarantees that when signing through us as a TPG Customer and have us install and configure the NBN via our Mobile Tech to our serviced area , should the line not be active, we will install a temporary 4G device and leave in place that can run a small to medium business until the FTTN VDSL is fully operational.