Rockingham IT Solutions can arrange for conversion of any Media to be converted, the standard request is VHS to DVD however we have arranged Audio LP’s and cassette tapes to DVD through to old Betamax.

Do you want to have your precious family memories in the aging VHS format – did you know their audio & visual quality degrades each time you dare to play them and just over time as well !

VHS to DVD Conversions/Transfers Sydney Melbourne Adelaide Perth Darwin

Rockingham IT Solutions Can Help!.. Designed for maximum viewing pleasure, our Media Conversion Services can get your memories onto your big screen with the very best picture quality, some editing to tidy up any loose ends, plus a range of customization options that make it easy for you to enjoy your memories just the way you’d like to..

We use dedicated specialised Technicians of experience in the video production industry. We understand how important and irreplaceable these memories are to you and we take great pride in the fact we offer the most secure, reliable and affordable personal service.

And because all our VHS to DVD transfers are produced using only selected high-end decks & professional digital video editing stations, you’ll enjoy better picture quality than from competitors who use only domestic quality DVD recorders.

We transfer all types of media including Betamax, VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, 8mm, Video8, Digital8, MiniDV & MicroMV tapes, camcorders, memory sticks, super 8mm and regular 8mm movie reels and slides, Vinyl LP’s and Audio Cassettes.   We are dedicated to quality using technologies to ensure you get the highest quality transfer. In addition, our professional video/photo editing services ensure the final is of the best output obtained from the media provided.

Rockingham IT Solutions can transfer VHS direct to AVI, MOV or Mpeg4, or we can edit your footage & produce a custom DVD or Mp4 file for you with just the footage you want ( Additional costs apply )



 Video Transfer to DVD, USB, hard disk
Accepted Formats: VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, 8mm, Video8, Digital8, MiniDV & MicroMV
1 tape  $38
 2-10 tapes  $32 per tape
11 to 20 tapes  $28 per tape
Over 20 tapes   $25 per tape
Copyright material not accepted. Tapes over 2hours cost an additional $10 and are split over 2 DVDS Part 1 & 2
 Film Reel Transfer to DVD, USB, hard disk
Accepted Formats: Super 8, 8mm
 3″ reel  5″ reel  7″ reel
1 reel $40  $85  $120
2 to 10 reels $30  $62  $90
Over 10 reels  $24  $58  $80
   Audio Cassette, Slides, Photos to CD
   Slides & Photos  $0.85 each
 Audio Cassette 60 minutes  $40
 Audio Cassette 90 minutes  $55


  Ultra Sound Compilation

Baby Ultra Sound

Baby Ultra Sound

 Stills & Movie compilation on to CD  $77.00
 Extra copies of CD in protective cover  $12.00
 Stills & Movie compilation on to USB  $97.00



What do you get with your transfer?
 All transfers to DVD include:

  • Opening movie menu with theme to match your footage.
  • Personalised titles on DVD and opening menu.
  • We take photos from your footage and place on DVD.
  • Chapter markers for quick searching
  • 3months free storage of your completed DVD so you can access extra copies.
I’ve got VHS tapes but not sure what are on them if anything !
 We can view the tapes for you and edit out sections however this will incur additional charges :You can Hire a VHS player from us for just $25 per week along with a $100 cash bond and you can then look through all your VHS tapes and select what parts you want potentially saving you time and heaps of costs.


*Please note that rates for your particular project will vary depending on quantity of tapes & how quickly you need your job done.

Our standard turn around of work is approx. 2-3 weeks however should you require priority turn around of work, this can be arranged but please note that a priority service fee will apply.