Managed Services

Managed Services from Rockingham IT Solutions

Think of our team as your team.

With our team of dedicated Technicians at your disposal monitoring your systems remotely and available to attend onsite for more troublesome issues, we will look after you and your systems.

Rockingham IT Solutions are equipped to manage all of your companies IT requirements and allows you to focus on running the business. We believe that small to mid size business should get excellent IT support despite smaller budgets.

What’s included within my Managed Services agreement ?

Customers under our managed services have access to unlimited phone support

Customers also have unlimited remote services to fix minor issues

Customers are billed at 15min increments ( so if tech there ten mins then charges 15mins and so on )

Service Level Agreement Levels

Are you a small business or home based business ?

Do you want regular IT Support and Servicing?

Don’t want the cost or commitment of employing dedicated IT Staff?

Look no further, Rockingham IT Solutions can offer Plans to meet your needs.

Like cars, computers require regular servicing and maintenance to keep them performing to there optimum. We offer maintenance packages which consists of constant monitoring of your servers, workstations and networking equipment.

Our Packages are as follows.

BRONZE LEVEL $110 per month (for home based/Small Businesses 1-4 stand alone devices without a NAS/File sharing)

SILVER LEVEL  $220 per month (for businesses/ Companies with 5-10 devices and/or file sharing / NAS or Server )

GOLD LEVEL $440 per month ( for business / Companies with 11+ devices with file sharing / NAS or Server )

PLATINUM LEVEL $770 per month ( for business / Companies with multi-site/ multi Server )

Managed Services Matrix

Managed Services Matrix



Rockingham IT Solutions Dedicated service vehicles

Rockingham IT Solutions Dedicated service vehicles

Remote Login Remote Management

Rockingham IT Solutions deal can monitor your systems remotely via our Automated Remote Management software, Remote Support Technology direct support to one user or via our dedicated Service Vehicles to attend onsite to Hardware issues.

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