eWaste Facility Recycling

FREE eWaste Recycling Facility For the Community

Rockingham IT Solutions is calling on Rockingham, Kwinana and the surrounding Community to recycle their old Computers, Printers, Monitors & mobile phones and accessories and drop them off free at our shop.

What will you accept ?

Rockingham IT Solutions will accept all Electronic Goods as specified within the following chart.

eWaste Recycling

eWaste Recycling

Why are you doing this for free ?

At present the City Of Rockingham do not recycle electronic equipment through the eWaste project and as such we don’t want these items just going into landfill at Miller Road, Rockingham as these items do not breakdown.

Please note only items dropped off at our shop are free, should we pick up between Cockburn to Mandurah then fees do apply.

Does it not cost you as a small business to dispose of these items ?

Well yes there is always costs involved be it wages for our time or running costs in our vehicles etc but at Rockingham IT Solutions we believe that keeping our environment clean and healthy out ways those costs.

Can I help by make a Donation towards the costs to dispose of my items ?

Absolutely ! Although its a free service for items dropped off at our shop, we welcome donations towards our costs.

Can you pick up from a Domestic or Commercial premises ?

We are happy to pick up from you however we do charge the following charges:

$20 Pick up fee. Max size of box 15Kg and no more than four boxes at a time due to van size.

$30 If not within the Rockingham area.

Data security and destruction:

Each and every electronic item we receive is dismantled and recycled, and any data left on the device is destroyed through the recycling process. However, we do encourage you to remove all data from your devices or electronic items for complete peace of mind and security.

Rockingham IT Solutions can remove all data from your devices or electronic equipment before it is sent off site for processing however this is charged at our standard Data Recovery rate. Please enquire in store for an estimate before placing items in our eWaste boxes.

No electronics will be re-marketed, resold or reused as part of the program. All mobiles (including batteries) and accessories will be recycled by MobileMuster, the only government accredited not for profit mobile phone recycling program in Australia.