Telstra Emergency Internet Pack

Temporary Emergency Internet Pack

Some businesses would consider having internet access a necessity these days. Others would consider it a monumental benefit and an enormous inconvenience if there internet was to go down even for a few hours.

However you view it, the internet significantly changes the way we work.

Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t just exist; things have to make it exist, and those things aren’t always reliable. A power outage, a strong rainstorm, your pet chewing on some wires, — a veritable sea of outside forces could knock out your internet access.

What if a device could provide reliable backup internet access whilst yours is out of action or if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) informs you that your internet wont be connected for a few days.

Rockingham IT Solutions have Temporary Emergency Internet Packs which are in an easily deployable pack that will even work without a source of electricity for up to ten hours battery life or can be recharged by a portable solar charger ( We have these available as well ! )

So if your business NEEDS temporary internet to keep it going then contact us and we can assist with your requirements.

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What will the pack provide ?

Wireless Internet for up to ten devices

Wired Internet ( Via Ethernet cables ) for up to 99 devices

10 Hours of Battery power if 240v power is not available with the option of a solar charger recharger.