Data Recovery

Rockingham I.T. Solutions provides data recovery services covering hard drive recovery, RAID data recovery, USB hard drive recovery, laptop data recovery, hard disk data recovery from Perth, Rockingham & Mandurah and anywhere else in Australia by post.

RITS has a defined guidelines for both preforming and charging for DATA RECOVERY ATTEMPTS and they are just that ATTEMPTS , It is UN-reasonable to assume that  any DATA Recovery can or would be 100% Successful  .. That is the nature that data recovery is as many factors can come into play  in regards to data loss.

  • Impact damage From Dropped Drives (PHYSICAL ERRORS)
  • Writing Errors case by drive failing to complete a task correctly (LOGICAL ERRORS)
  • Drive motor degradation or circuit board failure (MECHANICAL ERRORS)

All Have Different Methods For Data Recovery And Varying Success Rates

At RITS  we handle LOGICAL BASE Errors ranging from wrongly  removed drives , formatted hard drives , deleted files  or general corruption of the drives FAT (File Allocation Table)

We are also partnered with companies that allow escalation of PHYSICAL and MECHANICAL failures to be assess data recovery possibilities  in a clean room environment

Rockingham I.T. Solutions have completed Kroll Ontrack’s Data Recovery training programme which includes products, services, process and service levels. As such we are part of Kroll Ontrack Australia’s Partner Network to work directly to recover your files and the only Authorised Partner drop off location based in Western Australia. 

Rockingham I.T. Solutions will attempt to recover data from all types of hard drives in any of the following conditions:

Your PC or laptop has crashed or does not start up;
The hard drive has been formatted or fdisked;
The hard drive makes clicking noises;
The hard drive is inaccessible;
The primary or secondary hard disk has failed and the system BIOS displays the message “Primary hard disk failure” or “Secondary hard disk failure”;
The system displays the error message “boot disk error, insert boot disk press any key to continue”;
System displays the message “NTLDR is missing, Press any key to restart”;
The hard drive has a corrupt or damaged partition table;
The hard drive has become inaccessible due to virus attack or virus infection;
The hard drive is no longer recognized by the BIOS after rebooting, despite the platters spinning;
The system displays the message “Operating system not found” or “missing operating system”;
The BIOS recognizes the hard drive but with garbage parameters;
The BIOS recognises the hard drive but the data is inaccessible;
Hard drive makes grinding or clicking noises, normally associated with electro-mechanical failure;
The hard drive reports bad sectors;
Data Wipe and Data Erasure Services: We also dispose of data and make data irrecoverable.


What Rockingham I.T. Solutions can do:

Data recovery can be attempted from RAID servers, hard disks (desktops, laptop or notebook computers)

Data recovery from IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA, PATA, USB, FIREWIRE hard drives and hard disks

Data recovery from Fujitsu-Siemens, Hitachi, Maxtor, Sony, Toshiba, Seagate, IBM, Quantum, Lacie hard drives, hard disks, USB Thumb Drives and memory cards

Rockingham I.T. Solutions will attempt to recover information from virtually any storage device in any information loss
situation, using professional standard tools in addition to its proprietary tools and techniques.

Laptop hard disk data recovery: Data recovery from failed or faulty laptops and notebook computers: Dell, IBM, Toshiba, Sony Vaio, Acer etc.

Rockingham I.T. Solutions are partnered with Data Recovery service providers Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery who have specialist clean room labs to handle the particularly difficult data recovery assignments where logical data recovery and retrieval methods are unsuccessful. When conventional data recovery methods have failed, various clean room techniques can be used to gain access to the magnetic patterns stored on the hard disk platter surface. These patterns are then converted into readable data and recovered to new media. These techniques of data recovery has proved successful on numerous occasions where other methods have failed; such as Track 0 damage, fire damage, flood damage, impact damage and overwritten data.

We attempt to recover data from hard disks from all manufacturers including MAXTOR, SEAGATE, SAMSUNG, TOSHIBA, IBM, HITACHI, FUJITSU, WESTERN DIGITAL, including data from dead or damaged laptops, external USB hard drives, LACIE drives and any other external storage devices.

Rockingham I.T. Solution technicians will attempt to recover data from the following faulty hard drives:
Desktop/Laptop/Notebook USB & Firewire IEEE1394, USB THUMB DRIVES
Repair / Recover fix Mechanical / Electrical / Firmware Hard Disk drive Problems;
Hard Disk Drive not recognised in BIOS;
Noisy Hard Drives with clicking, scraping or clunking sound;
Hard disks with read/write head crashes;

Data recovery from the following file systems:
FAT FAT32 and NTFS file systems; Linux with EXT2fs, EXT3, XFS, file sytems on standalone & RAID volumes;  Data recovery from faulty or corrupt partitions, even if the boot sector or FAT has been erased or damaged; Data recovery from all Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, NT 4.0, Windows™ XP and Windows™ 2000, Vista,Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Rockingham I.T. Solutions technicians will attempt to recover / retrieve files in the following situations

UNC Uncorrectable Data Error – especially Maxtor SATA;

Damaged Hard Drive As A Result of Power Surge;

Hard drives damaged as a result of reversed power polarity and/or voltage from incorrectly plugging in power leads or cable;
- Data corruption in FAT/FAT32/NTFS File Systems

Recycle Bin emptied or files were deleted without Recycle Bin;

Data Loss As A Result Of Hardware or Software failures;
- Data loss As a Result of Power failure and power outages;

Data Loss as a result of virus attack or virus infection;
- Data recovery from formatted or repartitioned hard drives;

Data loss due to improper system shutdown;
- Data loss due to partitioning or boot sector problems

Data loss due to hard drive PCB or logic board failure
Rockingham I.T. Solutions will attempt data recovery services from hard drives, RAID data arrays, USB hard drives / Flash Drives / Thumb Drives, laptops and phones.


Please note that the below pricing is payable at time of booking in your data recovery job or if a workshop job gets escalated to data recovery or if a job escalates to Krolls Clean Room environment.

$110 – Data Recovery Assessment

$150 – Data Recovery Assessment for Kroll’s Clean Room Environment


Rockingham IT Solutions Guide Lines for Data Recovery Attempts are ..

  • Upfront Cost of $110 For any data recovery attempt , this covers the time required to access the recoverability of data and identification of jobs such as (PHYSICAL,MECHANICAL)
  • The Time to Run Each Type of data recovery can vary from 24 hours to 2-3 weeks and as such our data recovery machines are isolated during these times .
  • PHYSICAL,MECHANICAL Errors Require Extensive investigation and as such before sending these type of failures of to our partnered companies and additional fee of $150 is required to cover the cost of the investigation (disassembling of the drives in a clean room environment)  -These costs are taken off the overall bill if you proceed with the work.
  • If Data can be recovered the time to recover these files can vary from 1 minute per file to over 1 hour per file and as such Rockingham IT Solutions also charge a SAVE DATA Fee and as we understand that drives are getting larger and larger and people are accumulating more and more files rather than charge the industry standard of large Dollars per gigabyte we cap our charges at:
  • 1-10GB Capped at $20 (recovering lecture notes,emails , individual files and such)
  • 11-50GB Capped at $50 (Pictures and Document Directories)
  • 50GB – 100GB Capped at $100 (All File Recovery Option for customers )
  • 100GB – 10TB per HDD This will be individually quoted and could range from $100 to $10,000