Frequently Asked Questions About Data Recovery

Q: How long does your data recovery analysis and media inspection and quotation take?

A: Usually between 2-4 days depending on the workload of our data recovery lab.
Q: What if I need my media inspected and quoted urgently?

A: We offer an urgent inspection and quotation service. We may charge an inspection fee. It hits the top of the inspection queue and we work on it as a priority job until inspected.
Q: How should I pack my hard drive?

A: See our shipping media page.
Q: Do I need to include anything in the parcel?

A: You have to print off the shipping form  fill it  out and include it in the parcel that contains the hard drive.
Q: How do you classify your recoveries?

A: Usually we classify them as logical and physical.
Q: Are your costs for data recovery fixed?

A: No. After we inspect the media we will provide you with a estimated quotation.
Q: Why do hard drives fail?

A: Hard drives like other electrical devices have a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). Due to the hard drive architecture, it will eventually fail. Most cases of media failures are either due to physical failure of the media or due to human error.
Q: How do I know what you have recovered?

A: If you request, we will call you and review the recovered files with you over the phone or we can email you a small text file as a report (also know as a “snapshot”) of the files and corresponding directories that we have been able to recover.
Q: How do you ship the data to me ?

A: We use Australia Post Registered Delivery or signature on delivery.
Q: In what format do you ship the data to me?

A: Up to ~20Gb we offer free DVD media (Approximately 5 DVD’s). Above ~20Gb charges apply and you may have to buy a USB hard drive from us for the data to be copied. Alternatively you can supply the destination media yourself.
Q: What about confidentiality of my data? Is it safe with you?

A: We are bound by the confidentiality clause in the terms and conditions as set out on the Data Service Request Form.
Q: How do you preserve safety and security of my data?

A: We store all recovered data on an encrypted SSAN (Secured Storage Area Network). After 31 days we wipe the data from the SSAN at a level that will render all data irrecoverable unless you have opted for us to continue storing your data which is charged at $50 per week.
Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept Visa/MasterCard/EFTPOS and Electronic Funds Transfers. Cheques are not accepted

Q: What if you are unsuccessful at Rockingham IT Solutions in the Data Recovery ?

A: As partners with Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery we will then process the media through to their Clean Room Environment at an additional cost but please note that this does not guarantee Data being Recovered and with Kroll the end cost can run in the region of $700 to $2,000 per media.