Microsoft Windows 10 Creators upgrade but be careful ………….

W10 Creators Edition



Microsoft forcing this upgrade despite users clicking no !

Rockingham IT Solutions are seeing many systems Windows 10 upgrades being presented for repair for several weeks now, but we can see after the 11th April a huge spike in problems with Creators Edition.


For most the upgrade may work but for many it will causing a massive headache and downtime in lost hours, which in turn means lost revenue especially for small businesses.

What you need to do is ring us up now and get our service tech out to you to firstly check over your system and make sure that there is a backup system in place just incase the upgrade goes wrong.

Also when the upgrade has gone through, check all your settings and installed programs and check they are all functioning properly. If not then Call us on 0861022919 and we will get one of our service techs on to your problem.

Remember, “We Are Your Fourth Emergency Service.”

World Back Up Day 31st March

World Backup Day

World Backup Day


Have you backed up your data recently? Every day people, businesses, even games lose huge amounts of valuable data because they fail to follow this one basic procedure. World Backup Day is set aside as a reminder to back up your files, even if it’s once a year! A backup is a reserve copy of all the files you’d be loathe to use. There’s nothing more traumatizing than having losing your phone, or having your hard drive crash, and having hundreds of valuable and irreplaceable documents or photos suddenly gone beyond retrieval.

No matter how secure or safe you feel your data and equipment is, it’s important to back up your files. 30% of people don’t have any way to save their important files in the event that tragedy strikes. In our electronic based world, there are hundreds of ways to suddenly have things go terribly awry. 29% of all disasters are caused by accidents, costing valuable time and money as the resources they affected are lost forever. You may feel your computer is safe, but 1 in 10 of all computers, including household and business computers, are infected with a virus that may suddenly cause all of your data to be gone beyond retrieval.

The worst Virus these days is the dreaded CryptoVirus  . Cryptolocker / CryptoVirus is a ransomware Trojan which has been running around since 2013 and is still doing the rounds these days ! If you or your business would like more information regarding Cyber Security, it would be a good idea to get one of Rockingham IT Solutions consultants in to do an audit of your establishment or attend one of our many Workshop Training Courses  to learn how to protect your systems.

“But my phone is always on me!” I hear you say! Wonderful! That’ll make it easier for you to be one of the 113 phones stolen every minute, each day. In this modern digital world, many of us live from our phones. Whether it’s for business, or just personal use, these electronic assistants often contain gigs of valuable documents, pictures, videos, and music. Do you really want to chance losing all of that when backup options are so easy and available?

“Easy? How do I backup my files and protect myself?” There ya go! Now we’re asking the right questions! There are a myriad of ways you can use to backup your files, most phones are connected to some form of backup system. iPhones are tied directly into iTunes, which can back up all of your valuable data, you just need to hook that thing up to your computer and update the files daily! You can even do it as part of charging, just plug it in to your computer, set it to backup, and it’ll go about the process automatically while it takes a charge.

Android phones are intrinsically tied to Google, and with the availability of Google Docs and the Google backup, it’ll tie all of your data in to your profile, uploading it to a secure location while allowing you to choose which ones to share! Google Docs can also be used to store all of your valuable files online! The bonus here is that from google docs you can access your files from any computer, saving you from having to wait for your system to be back up before you get those important files back!

Another option is open that is the ‘all inclusive’ option. If you’d prefer to back up everything instead of just bits and pieces, there are tons of places online that will give you reviews of dozens of options for full backup services. Take some time to cruise through them and decide which one is right for you. Remember, if the only copy you have of your important files is all in one place, it only takes one accident, one small disaster for you to lose them all. So take the time to backup your files, and stop yourself from becoming one of this year’s April’s Fools.

iPhone users urged to update to IOS 9.3.5 after hack threat




Apple iPhone users are being urged to update their handsets after a private cyberarms dealer found a way to hack the iPhone with sophisticated malware.

The Isreal-based NSO group developed the ‘world first’ malware, which exploited three previously unknown iOS vulnerabilities.

NSO Group’s software effectively transforms the phone into a surveillance device, tracking its movements, logging messages and downloading personal data.

It also allowed hackers access to their passwords and could record sounds.


Protect from Malware through our Courses

Protect from Malware through our Courses

Apple quickly moved to patch the insecurities, and is advising all users to update their iPhones.

We were made aware of this vulnerability and immediately fixed it with iOS 9.3.5, through an Apple spokesperson.

Rockingham IT Solutions are advising all of our customers to always download the latest version of iOS to protect themselves against potential security exploits.

The majority of iPhone users are currently using iOS 9, though anyone who has updated to the iOS 10 beta is safe, Apple says. All users should update their iPhones to at least 9.3.5

To update your iPhone, plug your device into power and connect to the internet with Wi-Fi. Then tap Settings, General, then Software Update.

The malware was detailed in a report from Citizen Lab and Lookout security, and Lookout vice president of research Mike Murray said the NSO software, called Pegasus, is “the most professional piece of spyware that I’ve ever seen.”

He told The Wall Street Journal the software operates stealthily, ensuring that it doesn’t quickly drain the battery and speeding up its data transfer when it is on Wi-Fi networks so that it doesn’t get noticed.

NSO has billed itself as a leader in the field of cyberwarfare, offering tools for governments to keep tabs on criminals and terrorists who use encrypted communications. The company has been thought to be capable of installing unauthorised software on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone devices, but Thursday’s report provides the first in-depth look at its capabilities.

“We’re a complete ghost,” NSO co-founder Omri Lavie told Defense News in a 2013 interview. “We’re totally transparent to the target, and we leave no traces.”

Researchers highlighted the unusual way that Pegasus is installed on a phone, taking advantage of the three flaws in iOS to silently “jailbreak” the phone and circumvent the requirement that only Apple-approved software runs on the device.

This type of one-click iPhone attack previously has been described by researchers but never been seen in a real-world attack, Lookout’s Mr Murray said.

IOS9 WiFi Assist in update 9.2.1 : A feature you should most probably turn off

Do you have

Think your child is only using WiFi within the house ? If their iPhone is on 9.2.1. then think again.

If you’re the kind of person who routinely uses almost all of the mobile data included in your monthly plan, there’s something you should know about Apple’s latest iPhone software. A new feature called “Wi-Fi Assist”, which is turned on by default, has reportedly been quietly eating through users’ mobile data quota while they thought they were on Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi Assist setting can be turned off in the Mobile Data settings screen. This feature is designed to make sure users get a smooth online experience, switching automatically to mobile data to boost your connection speed if your Wi-Fi connection is determined to be too slow.

It’s easy to see how this could be handy if you’re trying to stream audio while walking away from

your house, or browsing the internet in your backyard right at the edge of your Wi-Fi’s range, but it comes with a downside as well.

For those who already use up most of their data plan while out and about, the feature could potentially blow out phone bills across the country, as iPhones pilfer mobile data at home to assist with flaky Wi-Fi speeds. Some users have already taken to social media to complain their mobile data usage has skyrocketed since they upgraded to iOS 9.

Those using the internet on a budget would appear to be at particular risk of bill shock, as in Australia low-cost mobile plans are notoriously stingy with the data allocation, and low-cost home broadband notoriously poor in its consistency.

Thankfully there is an easy fix, and here is how to do it :

Here are the four easy steps to turn off WiFi Assist.

Pic 0          Pic 2          Pic 3           Pic 1

Of course if you generally find yourself swimming in extra data allocation at the end of each month, or frequently find your phone clutches on to your home Wi-Fi well beyond the point of being useless as you walk down the street, this feature could be a great way to avoid buffering.

Need help with Scheduling Staff hours.

When you have multiple staff the last thing you want to use is pen and paper, especially in todays age of Apps and electronic Gizmo’s……..

“But I’m a small business and I cant afford a Clocking In system like I’ve seen in the films.”

At Rockingham IT Solutions we can tailor a system just for you and the best one we have come across is Time Station.

TimeStation – Attendance & Time Tracking for staff


Turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a cloud-based time & attendance system.

Using our Fast-Scan technology, employees can punch In & Out in less than a second, and because TimeStation runs in the cloud, there’s no software or servers to maintain. Managers can see who’s in and run time and attendance reports anytime, anywhere.

TimeStation is the perfect solution for small and medium businesses looking to track time and attendance without the usual costs and overhead of traditional systems.

▶ Admin users can :
● Create an account
● Manage Employees
● Print Employee Cards
● Run Time Reports

▶ Features:
● Turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a contactless Time & Attendance System
● Employees can Punch In & Out in less than a second with our Fast-Scan technology
● Get up and running in minutes, by printing your own employee cards
● Cloud-based solution means there’s no software or hardware to install and maintain
● Off-Line Mode allows employees to Punch In & Out even when there’s no internet connectivity
● Managers have access to a full range of online reports to track attendance and calculate pay
● Employees can punch by PIN when their card is not available
● GPS Location Tagging
● Supports Multiple Locations and Departments
● Department Transfers
● Export data to Excel and other programs
● Support for Manual Time Adjustments

▶ Pricing:
TimeStation App is FREE for organizations with up to 10 employees. Affordable monthly plans available for larger organizations.

iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with camera


iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 2
iPhone Screenshot 3
iPhone Screenshot 4
iPhone Screenshot 5
iPad Screenshot 2
iPad Screenshot 3

Customer Reviews

Time Station is simply perfect!!
This app is perfect! It’s exactly what any small bussiness, or large bussiness for that matter, needs. The mobile app is great and the web interface is very well designed and easy to use! The reporting function is amazing and very versatile. Employees and departments are fast and easy to set up and can be custom configured for whatever your needs are, with different pay rates for all departments or locations for different employees. The scanner codes are fast and easy to print out and work flawlessly any time someone clocks in. You can even configure it so employees can use someone else’s iPhone to clock in if they need to, and with the GPS feature you know employees are actually at work when they clock in. If I could, I would give this app 10 stars!! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!!
At Rockingham IT Solutions we use the Time Station for our Staff Scheduling and have it on display in our shop. Why not come down and see it in action ?

When I Work – Scheduling Overview

Use When I Work to easily schedule and communicate with employees. Send the schedule to staff as a text message. When I Work includes free mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Also included is 2-way text messaging which allows employees to accept open shifts and request their schedule via text message. Activate Attendance and let your employees use the mobile time clock to punch in from their smart phones or set up an iPad as a terminal. Easily see which location your employees clock in from on the map and after you review the time sheets, you can finalize them with the click of a button.


Intended Users
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Small Business
Devices Supported
Android, iPhone-iPad, Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Mobile Web App
Supported Countries
Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
FAQs, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials
 Scheduling Software – Workforce Management Software – Employee Scheduling Software


Almost everything you can do in the web app, you can do on your smart phone or iPad, allowing When I Work to fit into your life so you aren’t tied down to your desk.

AVG – How to Install / Configure and run Free Virus Software

AVG Free Anti Virus Software

AVG Free Anti Virus Software




Download AVGfree From


> Free Download [ AVG AntiVirus FREE 2015] as FREE TRIAL will expire within 1 Month




Ensure Virus Definition Data Base is up to Date by Selecting From OPTIONS>UPDATE

Data Base is Updated when AVG  Panel (MIDDLE RIGHT) Says [Protection is Up-To-Date]

Then Select SCAN NOW to Begin Scanning For Virus(s) on Your System

Once Scan Is Complete You Will Be Presented With a Results Page

If Virus(s) are detected

>Click on View Detections to Check That All Detected Virus(s) Have Been Removed

(SECURED) indicates the Virus Was Removed


If No Virus(s) Found AVG will State No Threats Detected


It is now Ok to Close AVG


is 100% Guaranteed As  Hackers are constantly Trying to Find New Ways Into

Unsuspecting Customer’s Computer


We Do Recommend Purchasing FULL version of software If You Have Any Doubts

*AT THIS TIME *  AVG 2015 * is Recommended

As a Medium Level Cleaning Solution